Liam Hemsworth Rings NASDQ Closing Bell To Promote His Movie ‘Paranoia!’

Liam & His Beer Bong
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I guess if I were Liam Hemsworth I’d be a little bit paranoid too for being so hot… yes pun intended!

His new movie Paranoia comes out August 16, 2013. In celebration and in promotion of his new big film he was able to ring the closing bell for NASDAQ! How cool is that?

He can check that off of his bucket list and tweet it now too!

NASDAQ is is the second-largest stock market in the world, comparing to official stock exchanges. Which totally ties into his role in the movie.

Liam plays the young worker Adam Cassidy the whose supervisor gives him a chance to save his job by going undercover in a corporate espionage assignment. Finding himself stuck between the two rival company tycoons having to fight for his life, in this high-tech world.

Although this is a serious thriller film, the cast certainly has some fun pranking Liam while on set. Poor Liam for mistaking a giant black dildo for Amber Heard’s arm ha-ha!

At least he has a good sense of humor about it!

Check out the pictures in the photo gallery of the oh so handsome Liam at NASDQ promoting his new movie!