Liam Hemsworth Looks Stoic And Sexy On Cover Of Flaunt [PHOTOS]

Liam Hemsworth looks sexy in Details Magazine.
Having an Australian accent automatically makes him attractive, but Liam Hemsworth is looking especially debonair on an upcoming cover of Flaunt Magazine.

The Hunger Games star is finally stepping out of Hannah Montana’s shadow, and dishing the dirt on his long gestating film career, along with dating, and being related to, a formidable Hollywood A-Lister. 

“It’s definitely nice to have people around me like [my brother] and my girlfriend who have experienced it before. To ask them questions, it definitely makes it easier in that sense. It doesn’t make it any easier getting roles. It’s just me in the room when I’m meeting directors and reading with directors,” says Liam.

It appears that while she was partying across the U.S.A., girlfriend Miley Cyrus was also helping keep Liam grounded. We never thought these words would leave our mouth, but thank God for Miley Cyrus.

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