Liam Hemsworth Looks Ready To Kick Ass In ‘Paranoia’ As He Finally Jumps On The Twitter Bandwagon

Liam & His Beer Bong
Hemsworth Grabs Precious Party Supplies With His Pals
Oh my word, is Liam Hemsworth super sexy in the trailer for his new movie.

Now wonder fiancée Miley Cyrus is still trying to make this thing work, despite numerous sources claiming the two have finally called it quits.

Liam’s latest flick, Paranoia, hits theaters in August and it looks amazing. It follows the story of a young man working for a powerful corporation who gets tapped to spy on his boss’ old mentor. Basically, it’s a movie with Liam wearing a bunch of suits and Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman sparring. Check out the trailer after the jump! 

Oh, and Liam gets to bang Amber Heard, which is never a bad day at the office, right Johnny Depp? You can expect to see plenty of Paranoia related stuff on Twitter, especially now that Liam has officially joined. He might not have been a fan of the website before, but everybody needs to plug themselves some of the time.

And of course, one of the 13 people he’s following is Miley. Looks like their relationship is still going strong. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Liam being hot after the gym and don’t forget to check out the trailer for Paranoia below.