Liam Hemsworth Is Hot For ‘Good Morning America’, Not Working On Wedding Plans

Guys, we should really be thanking mother and father Hemsworth for giving us such incredibly handsome men.

Today our focus is on hottie Liam Hemsworth. Look at that smile. Those eyes. The rugged good looks. The only way this could have been better is if his brother Chris Hemsworth was walking next to him.

Liam showed off his hotness on Good Morning America while chatting about his new movie, Paranoia. I wonder if he mentioned that sex scene prank?  While we’re all excited about that, we’re much more interested in what’s going on with Liam and his fiancé, Miley Cyrus

The couple is definitely still together, despite staying out of the spotlight, but according to her sister Noah, the duo don’t have any wedding plans. In fact, Noah was pretty blunt about it telling reporters, “They’re not planning yet.” So, what was the point of getting engaged if you’re not even planning a wedding? Why didn’t you just remain not engaged? So many questions.

Maybe Miley just wanted to make sure to lock Liam down, and vice versa. They are pretty cute together. Well, here’s hoping they make it work! Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Liam being his sexy perfection. Think he and Miley will ever head down the aisle? Sound off in the comments!