Liam Hemsworth. In A Suit. I Know. [PHOTOS]

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Hemsworth Gets Kicked
Liam Hemsworth On 'Paranoia' Set With Amber Heard
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The only thing more attractive than a shirtless male celeb is a suit-clad male celeb.  Case in point: Liam Hemsworth.  OMFG for life, is he attractive.  No wonder Miley Cyrus is clinging to him for dear life.

Hemsworth is currently filming Paranoia in Philadelphia, PA with Amber Heard.   Earlier today he shot some scenes in a tee and jeans and were like “Oh, nice.”

Now we’re like, “ILYLH.  MARRY ME.” 

In the flick, Hemsworth plays a bottom-rung employee at a tech corporation who is caught committing a crime.  He is given two options: Go to jail or spy on a rival company.

By Kelly Lynch

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