Liam Hemsworth Gets Bloody On Set & Denies Getting Married Any Time Soon [PHOTOS]

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Leave it to Liam Hemsworth to still look good even while he’s all bloody and bruised. That’s only something one of the Hemsworth boys could pull off. Liam clearly had some fun in the make-up chair on the set of his latest film Empire State. This movie is really making Liam work hard. First that unfortunate outfit and now all the blood. It best be good.

Liam recently made headlines when he popped the question to girlfriend, Miley Cyrus. Of course she said yes and we get to play the game of “When Are They Getting Hitched?” According to Liam’s reps, it’s not going to be anytime soon. Rumor had it the couple were going to get married this weekend, but apparently Liam is too busy with his movie and an Australian award to tie the knot just yet.

Hey Liam and Miley, we’re cool with waiting, just don’t pull one of those things where you’re engaged for 10 years then break-up. That would be sad. Check out all the photos of Liam looking bloody–and quite hunky–in the gallery. So how long do you think Miley and Liam should wait before they get married? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!