Liam Hemsworth Does Some Christmas Furniture Shopping With His Mama & It’s Adorable

Liam & His Beer Bong
Hemsworth Grabs Precious Party Supplies With His Pals
You gotta love a man who spends the day shopping and hanging out with his mama.

If you didn’t already think that Liam Hemsworth was a major cutie, we are here to change your mind. But really, I don’t know why you wouldn’t. He’s tall, muscular, no longer dating Miley Cyrus–he’s got all the goods!

The Hunger Games actor was spotted in Los Angeles earlier today doing a little pre-Christmas furniture shopping with his mom, Leonie. I like to imagine he’s looking for a rocking horse to buy for his niece, India

Speaking of India Hemsworth, where has she been recently? I miss her sheer adorableness. But back to Liam. The actor’s ex, Miley Cyrus, recently spoke very candidly about their relationship, basically admitting that she stayed with him out of fear of being alone. How do you think that made him feel? Or did he already know?

So many questions that only their respective tell-all novels will reveal. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Liam being handsome with his mom. Should we have a Chris Hemsworth vs Liam Hemsworth brother-off some time soon?