Liam Hemsworth Back On ‘Paranoia’ Set After Bloody Fight [PHOTOS]

'The Hunger Games' star lights up the cover of Details.
Liam Hemsworth is back at work again, filming his new movie Paranoia alongside onscreen love interest Amber Heard, days after he was allegedly involved in a street brawl.

Liam got into a fight in the early hours of Sunday morning (December 9, 2012) after a guy named Rob, allegedly threw a rock at him. The scuffle broke out when the 22-year-old actor and a friend left a bar in Philadelphia.

Liam was caught on camera by an onlooker punching the other man hard in the face while his friend helped hold down the victim. The crowd dispersed when the police arrived, and no one was taken into custody. 

The victim, who can be seen bleeding and clinging to Liam’s leg in the footage, was overheard joking after the fight: “I don’t think [Liam] fared much better.”

Liam’s girlfriend Miley Cyrus has reportedly flown down to Philadelphia to be with the actor.

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