LG’s Mobile TV Party Attracts Some Old-Timey TV Stars

June 20th, 2007 // Leave a Comment

Joanie and Chachi seemed to be enjoying themselves at the LG Mobile Phones unveiling of the LG VX9400, which promises to broadcast television on your cell phone. There were also some familiar faces there, from such TV favorites of days gone by like, “The Brady Bunch,” “Happy Days,” “Beverly Hills 90210″ and “Growing Pains.” It’s nice to see that there are still red-carpets out there available to old television stars, who no longer grace the boob tube quite like they used to. It’s a safe place for them, where they can roam in their natural environment in front of the cameras. Just don’t feed them, please. Or they’ll never learn how to take care of themselves on their own.


Many more photos (Tara Reid, Zahary Quinto, Adrianne Curry, Michael Knight, Shannon Doherty, Shane West, Gary Coleman, Rex Lee, Bai Ling, George Takei, Jack Coleman, Erin Moran, Scott Baio, Brittany Snow, Josh Henderson, Jodie Sweetin, Nicholas Gonzalez, Wilson Cruz, Lauren Conrad, Will Estes) of the eclectic bunch of stars at the LG Mobile TV Party after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

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