Levi Johnston Playgirl Photos Released

November 21st, 2009 // 11 Comments

Additional photos from Levi Johnston’s Playgirl [link NSFW] spread have been released and no matter your feelings for the young boy, you have to admit he has a great body!

Levi Johnston has one of the strangest stories of rise to notoriety. Levi went from a regular teenager in a small town in Alaska to baby-daddy of the Republican Vice President nominee Sarah Palin’s granddaughter to Playgirl model. Had I written a movie with this plot it would have been panned by critics as too farfetched. It just goes to show, truth is stranger than fiction.

Gallery Info: Levi Johnston’s Playgirl spread.

By Jessika Marie

  1. Nanina

    except he’s the baby-daddy of her daughter… or the daddy of her grandson, whichever you prefer.

  2. yolanda alaniz

    He needs to be airbrushed, not good looking enough, also he’s too too short.

  3. yolanda alaniz

    He needs to be airbrushed, not good looking enough, also he’s too too short.

  4. stephanie

    Who gives a shit about him? He’s not even good looking?

  5. kara

    is that a wash cloth?

  6. killthelights

    Not hot, Not a good bod and in photo number #8, he looks totally gay.

  7. killthelights

    He is Not Hot, Does Not have a Hot Bod and in Photo #8, he looks totally gay.

  8. killthelights

    He doesn’t have a hot bod, he is not sexy and in photo 8, he looks totally gay. Playgirl had him because of the controversy he has generated and maybe even to slap and embarrass the Palin family even more. I don’t think they wanted him in his mag because of his level of hotness.

  9. antinous48

    Aww, he is SO hot! Not a ‘muscle-perfect’ gym-toned body, but all the better — it makes him more real. And he has beautiful eyelashes.

  10. No No
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s white trash but I’d let him do me. Levi’s sexy and I have no doubt that he’d be hot between the sheets.

  11. mike
    Commented on this photo:

    He is one hot guy. WOW

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