Levi McConaughey & Emme Anthony: Celebrity Kid Couples We’d Love To See

JLo's Bikini Body
Jennifer Lopez shows off her bikini body.
As I was sitting here today, thinking of which celebrity kids to put together, I realized that I had yet to pair up Levi McConaughey with anybody. And guys, have you seen Levi? He is seriously adorable. So I figured the only little girl to pair him up with who would be as adorable as him–and entertain me in the process–would be Emme Anthony.

Levi and Emme. Get ready world, because here they come. So, now let’s take a moment and discuss why they would be a great couple. 

First of all, both of them are cute with that exotic look. Levi looks like a little doll, while Emme will hopefully inherit all of those Jennifer Lopezgenes. Because Jennifer Lopez genes are gorgeous.

Also, there’s something strangely amusing for me about putting together the kids of JLo and Matthew McConaughey. Both of them are known for their recent string of…not so good movies…but yet they’re both super talented. I mean, have you seen the trailer for Matthew’s new movie?

Plus, there’s something about Levi and Emme that tells me they’re both going to be in the entertainment industry. Maybe it’s their snazzy looks and constant disinterest in the world that tells me this, but they’re going to be good together guys. Really good. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the duo and tell us if you think they’ll be cute together in the comments!