Levi Johnston Says That Bristol Palin Wanted To Get Pregnant

Look at these photo ops!  Levi Johnston and ex-girlfriend Bristol Palin – though on separate coasts – out showing their faces while the baby daddy promote Deer In The Headlights: My Life In Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs.  Nevermind that Johnston didn’t come up with that title himself (nor does he know what “crosshairs” means), but does this dumb ox have to say?  A few things, according to the Huffington Post, who asked Johnston a few questions about his book.  Regarding the Palin family, Johnston said,

“I’m no marriage counselor here but I had a mother and father growing up my whole life. [The Palins] were completely, 100 percent different from my family. They rarely spoke to each other, they never had family meals. I never saw them really do anything together unless the cameras were on and then they played an American family. Todd always slept on the couch, never in Sarah’s room, that I’ve seen.”

Johnston, who taped The Wendy Williams Show today (September 21st) in New York, said that “Bristol was on birth control for a long time. She got off it soon after Trig [Sarah Palin’s son] was born. I think Trig was a big motivator for her. Her mother just had a child and I think Bristol was really jealous. She was the one who was supposed to have that kid and that’s when she got off of [birth control]. We weren’t practicing safe sex and she ended up getting pregnant.”

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PS, Levi-Those shoes look ridiculous on you.