Letter From The Editor: No More Celebrity Children On Socialite Life

March 26th, 2014 // 4 Comments
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Dear Readers,

After much deliberation, SOCIALITE LIFE has come to the decision that as of today we will no longer be posting paparazzi photos of celebrity children. We do not believe that it is fair to the children to have photos of them posted without their permission.

The exceptions to the new rule are photos of children with their parents on the red carpet, at public events, at sporting events and concert venues or pictures shared by their famous parents on social media. While we will not be posting any new photographs, you might continue to see them on the site in the form of galleries or linked stories.

We hope you understand the reasons behind this decision and we look forward to seeing you on Socialite Life. Thanks.


Miu, Michael and Sabba

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. MO

    That’s really great of you! Children deserve their privacy, and websites like you who still have humanity are the ones that will stay on :) good on ya!

  2. BethM

    Thank you! I’m all for protecting the privacy of youngsters – it’s not their fault their parents are photographed constantly.

  3. shelleyjb416

    That’ really cool of you guys! nice wprk

  4. shelleyjb416

    That’ really cool of you guys! nice work

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