Let’s Meet Jason Preston, Marc Jacob’s ‘Rent Boy’ Sidekick

March 13th, 2006 // 14 Comments

Friendster really gives us an insight to a person’s soul. Who is Jason Preston? We don’t really know, but he has drawn some attention to himself for tattooing Marc Jabobs on his arm. So let’s delve into the soul of Jason Preston, Marc Jacobs’ number one fan? Marketing gimmick? Boy toy?

About Me:
Can I just meet one good guy that treats me like a prince. It’s simple I like sweet guys that know how to be a “HOT FUCK”. And the night’s too cold and long here without you I grieve in my condition for I cannot find the strength to say I need you! I HATE BOYS!!!!!THEY ALL LIE…I want the FAIRY TALE ENDING, is that to much to ask for? I always try my hardest at relationships, but end up the sucker. So if your cute and living in NYC i’m around, but be warned I’m a ONE JADED PUP. It’s funny how you think you know somebody and then they turn out to be someone you never expected. It sucks because I believed in him, I believed in us. I’m a guy that like’s love to PARTY HARD, but love staying at home on the couch cuddiling with my pup Gia too. I love going out with the most FABOULOUS people, I RARELY saw that WORD. ONLY the FAB survive. GOTTA LOVE AMANDA LAPORE & RICHIE RICH, NAOMI, NICOLE, & the amazing beautiful talented MARC. GOING OUT to CLUBS is great and all but there are plenty of other ways to get pleasure out of life.HEY U PARIS AND NICKY. By the way you should NEVER believe anything you hear about someone unless it is from that person’s mouth. I am the kind of guy you fall in love with because of my looks & then you get to know me and start to wonder what you ever did to deserve me. We meet at the lights, I stare 4 awhile & the world around disappears. Just you & me on this island of hope, A breath between us could be miles. Let me surround U, my sea 2 your shore, Let me be the calm you seek Everytime I’m close to U there’s too much I can’t say & you just walk away & I forgot to tell you I love you

Find out who Jason Preston wants to meet, after the jump.

Jason Preston P’s Profile [Friendster]

Who I Want to Meet:
It’s sad because a lot of people are clueless on how to treat another person and sadly will never learn. I want to meet people that know the true meaning of friendship & love & who’s heart is close to the people around them. There will come a time when you evaluate your life & realize that things you once thought where important were never really important at all. Hopefully everyone will get to experience love in some way or another, because when it comes it can me amazing. I’m looking for people who can hang with the “BIG BOYS”. Looking for hot boys too, New York socialites, and the man of my dreams. The man of my dreams is way cute, can make me laugh, loves to snuggle and watch movies, & LOVES BEING IN THE WILD. Gotta be a dog lover too.. I am in search (well kind of) for someome to share my life with who is happy most of the time and lives life to it’s fullest. ESPECIALY a boy that can make me LAUGH…I want someone that falls in love with me because of my flaws & l

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. justMe

    u can tell the guy’s a total suckup.
    the most important thing is to bee seen with someone famous… and get the attention.
    what he writes is sad somehow.
    no further comment :)

  2. tia

    I like Jason :-) … he is just your super fabulous typical gay animal lovin party guy !! He is cool as fuck .. he is on my friends list on friendster … he is a cool guy. He loves blogs too and i’m pretty sure he reads this one so .. lets be nice ya’ll.

  3. mg

    Be nice to this piece of club trash? He exemplifies everything wrong with gay guys. The obsession of worship of celebrity and fashion. There’s nothing wrong with that (I love this site, after all), but when it consumes you at the sacrifice of being a good person (and having horrible spelling), well, something is wrong. In 10 years, when this guy’s looks are gone (and they will be), look for him on gay.com trolling around.

  4. rj

    He has to be the stupidest person in the world. Indeed, you wouldn’t think one person could be so stupid, you’d think it would take a team. And he’s not even particularly pretty! Hilarious. Has made my day…

  5. timmons622

    Thanks for perpetuating several stereotypes, rent.boy. All of which I’ve been fighting for years. You give Fags a bad name…

  6. For whatever it’s worth, Jason is my neighbor in Riverbank West here in Manhattan and I’ve been with him professionally and personally a few times. He is a very sweet young man and a delight to be with. Marc Jacobs is lucky.

  7. silvarga

    Name-dropping is lame. Even if it’s only on your own Friendster profile (maybe especially).

    We don’t need another Perez Hilton.

    Now normally, I’d hate with reckless abandon… but I recognise this bitch from her previous HQ, Seattle. And while writing all that cocky shit in his profile is just wrong, he has a very friendly, alluring way about him in person, does in fact have a pretty good head on his shoulders, and was pretty well-loved while he was there.

    In Seattle, a few years back I witnessed him getting into some shit with some homophobes at a restaurant on gay pride day, and he did not back down. He can be very outspoken (which is part of his charm). So much so, that I would have had to beat some people’s asses if they laid one hand on him.

    But someone close to him should pull him back down to earth and tell him that it’s sweet to wear his heart on his sleeve, but tattooing Marc Jacobs’ name there makes him look like “Brokeback K-Fed”.

  8. bev

    He sounds like a future Andrew Cunanan

  9. cutie

    he’s HOT!!!!!!!!!

  10. timmons622

    Thanks for perpetuating so many stereotypes, rentboy! You give Good fags a Bad name.

  11. LUKE


  12. Tine

    He’s definitely cute – but he’d shit on all you people sticking up for him in a heartbeat! So therefore he’s neither here nor there…

  13. jason

    I wouldn’t shit on anyone under any curcimstances nomatter what..

  14. madison

    He looks worn out and emaciated. A used rag. How can one read that profile after hammering it out and actually think that you’ve portrayed yourself in an alluring way!?

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