Let’s listen to Tim Gunn next time, k? Project Runway Baffles and Bores (Spoiler Alert)

Classic American sportswear inspired by Jackie Kennedy, filtered through the point of the designer, was this week’s challenge on Project Runway. There were only a few looks that showed signs of success, while the majority of designers presented horrific looks either poorly executed or off track with the challenge. A handful of designers stayed true to themselves and their style, which benefited some but almost self-sabotaged others. A second trip to Mood took place after the twist was revealed that an outerwear piece was to be added to the original look. Here are my top five points from this week:

Michael Costello is indecisive and constantly looks for approval and advice from Tim Gunn before he completes a look. On day three, he created three new dresses and three jackets, unsure of which to choose until Tim Gunn came in for the workroom critique. Michael C. is not convicted about any of his designs, and waits for someone to aim him in the right direction. He ended up creating a boring look which this time landed him in the middle ground, which I’m starting to think he’s happily settling for. Michael, being mediocre may get you to the next week, but it does not provide the judges with any idea of what your aesthetic or personal point of view is.

Valerie creates a sad looking outfit that is better suited for the sales rack at Kohls. That is all.

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Where is your head, Andy South?! Yes, he stuck to
his point of view as a designer but he completely lost the Jackie
Kennedy inspiration. Michael Kors described the harem pants as, “M.C. Hammer meets the Beverly Hillbillies
grandmother.” The design was hideous and the fit was horrendous.
“Jackie Kennedy would not have camel toe,” as Tim Gunn so eloquently put
it. The model had a prominent wedgie, the crotch rode, the fabric
buckled, and the sides of the pants resembled excess fat rolls being
used as saddle bags. Why? Why would you do that?

Mondo wins… and definitely deserves it. Early in
the episode, Mondo’s design was described as Jackie in the desert on
mescalin. He created a fitted black and white striped boat neck shirt
matched with a pencil skirt made from an oversized purple houndstooth,
and a stylish black cropped jacket lined with matching purple silk.
Mondo embraced the challenge while sticking to his loud and fun
recognizable designs. His look had clean lines, was chic, daring,
innovative, and sharp.

Bye bye Michael Drummond. Pat yourself on the back
for sticking to your guns, but you truly should have listened to Tim
Gunn (no pun intended). He warned you that skirt was for Annie Oakley.
said it best with, “The top half is for an elderly, schizophrenic
Jackie Kennedy with a cheerleading ice skater on the bottom….. oh, my
waist just fell, my hips are growing….. it’s insulting.” It was a
mumbled jumbled train wreck, deserving a loss… but then again, so were
half of the other designs.

Boy do I hope next week provides more enticing designs that prove why
the remaining designers are, well… remaining. On one last side note,
what was January Jones wearing? Did she come straight from grocery shopping? Guest judging on Project Runway certainly deserves a better outfit.