Let’s Learn About This ‘Ke$ha’ Lady

Although she’s not immediately stunning or particularly original, Ke$ha’s sugary but oh-so bad hit, “Tik Tok” has literally taken over. No one thought Gaga’s master beats could be matched (in airtime), but Ke$ha and her wild antics have proven otherwise.

Here’s 5 things you didn’t know about the coked-out Taylor Swift:

1.) She’s a self-proclaimed nerd. Okay, if you’re actually a nerd, you aren’t going to proclaim your holy intelligence. So I’m gonna call a bullshit on this one.

2.) Ke$ha is afraid of ghosts. Like to an absurd point. She recently moved out of her house because it was haunted.

3.) Bed-head recently moved out of L.A. to her hometown of Nashville. I happen to have a mother from NashVegas, and I can safely say there is a taste of crazy in their water.

4.) She’s single and wants a guy to touch her tingle (It had to rhyme.)

5.) She named her debut album “Animal” because she’s ALL about being an animal. You can mostly like find her watching animal documentaries or Seinfeld.

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