Let’s Hope Marc Jacobs Doesn’t Want to Be As Thin As His Models

July 18th, 2006 // 1 Comment

Taking note of Tinseltown actresses starving themselves to size 00 is so passé. Well, sort of, because now the critics have widened their radars to include anyone involved in fashion. There was buzz when respected fashion writer Cathy Horyn appeared at the recent couture shows in Paris with a noticeably thinner frame. Now, the latest victim of scrutiny is designer Marc Jacobs. He too looked very slimmed down at the Paris shows, and when asked about his weight loss secrets, he had this to say.

A complete clean health food diet–no sugar of any sort (even fruit), no dairy, no wheat, no bad fat, and no caffeine.

What exactly does he eat then? Some nuts and pieces of tofu? And frankly put, I kind of prefer the picture of the old Marc. He looks much more fresh faced in it. So take our advice Marc and don’t start a competition with Posh Spice. You definitely don’t need to lose any more weight.

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Written by Ann John

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. It might just be the light but I actually think he looks healthier in the second photo–look at the color in his face.

    Just because someone is eating healthy food doesn’t necessarily mean that they are starving themselves. A lot of health nuts refuse to eat sweet (David Kirsch, Heidi Klum’s trainer, advocates this approach) but make up for lost “sweet calories” with nuts, fatty fish, etc. Perhaps he is adopting this healthy eating plan as a way to make up for the damage he allegedly did to his body when was partying hard (and supposedly taking drugs). What do you think?

    I personally could never give up sweet though! ;)

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