Let’s All Celebrate National Break Up Day

Not sure you can shell out another $2150 to buy the latest Chloé handbag this week? Bag, Borrow or Steal one instead. It’s virtually a Netflix for handbags, complete with low membership fees and designer goods that you can actually afford. And the best part is that you can trade your purse in — no questions asked – the instant it goes out of style.

June 2nd is National Break Up Day and Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are headlining the celebration with the release of their comedy, “The Break-Up”. As an added perk, break-up friendly e-cards are available on the site just in case the movie inspires you to tell someone that they “looked better on MySpace” after all.

Want to dress like Meredith Grey? A fun new division of ABC.com finally makes it possible. You can even filter through the store and shop by character, if you’d like. But if you’re in the market for scrubs, you’ll have to look elsewhere – this site’s devoted entirely to their non Seattle Grace attire.

Written By E.K. Jones