Let’s Get Real, Kate Middleton Is Going To Need A Nanny

Duchess Kate's Hair
Various photos of Her Royal Highness's locks.
Whether or not she wants to admit it, the Duchess of Cambridge will need a nanny to help care for Prince George.

Report after report over the past year declared that William and Catherine wanted to go it alone, opting to raise their children without the help of nannies or baby nurses.

The simple fact is that this is an impossible task for someone like Catherine, who has a full-time job fulfilling royal engagements and working with select charities.  There is no conceivable way for the working mom to raise George without hired help.

A friend of mine pointed out a Daily Mail article written by Helen Kirwan-Taylor, who insisted that the Duchess cease the “normal” charade and hire a (quality) nanny.

Saying that you’re not hiring a nanny reminds me of those celebrities who claim they will never go under the knife and then do (and still pretend they did not, despite not being able to smile properly),” Kirwan-Taylor wrote.  “No one admits to having a nanny in 2013. Ever since the cult of parenting began in the 1990s, a nanny has become almost  a term of disparagement. “

The Mirror reported this weekend that William and Catherine have reached out to the Duke’s former nanny, Jessie Webb.  The 71-year-old cared for William and Harry while their parents marriage was breaking down.  Webb protected them when Charles and Diana had shouting matches, or whenever Diana was sobbing “uncontrollably” after a nasty row.

After caring for William and Harry, Webb went on to work for Viscount Linley’s family.  She was a guest at both William’s 21st birthday and the royal wedding.

“They [William and Catherine] both accept the view that they won’t be able to do it all,” a source told the paper.  “There is also a feeling that Kate might lay herself open to criticism if she is seen letting her mother have too much influence.”