Let’s Discuss The New Cast Of ‘The Real Housewives Of New York City’

I was looking forward to season five’s fresh batch of crazy last night, and Ramona Singer did not disappoint.  If it’s not Jill Zarin she’s ragging on, it’s Yummie Tummie’s Heather Thomson.

Everything was just fine at Sonja Morgan’s townhouse do, but it all went to sh*t the moment Singer paid a visit to Thomson’s office.  Just let the conversation flow, ladies.  Don’t analyze the dynamic between yourselves, and don’t play “My Newborn’s Ailment Was More Grave Than Yours.”

LuAnn de Lesseps has found her crew in Aviva Drescher and Carole Radziwill.  Both are (alledegley) proper ladies who have good posture and enunciate their words.  However, this is only the first episode in what looks to be yet another exhausting season.

Does Ramona force her friends to drink Ramona Pinot Grigio?  Ya’ll know it says somewhere in her contract that each scene requires no less than 1 mention of the sauce.  Heather now knows to head right for the tequila when invited to the Singer Hamptons home.  No scotch, no gin.  Just tequila and wine. 

Speaking of Ramona, she’s really chapping my ass.  Stop giving Heather a hard time, stop telling Sonja to cease referring to her ex-husband as her “husband,” and just apologize to LuAnn for being a total bitch about her family.  Just stop it!  You’ve got a bug up your butt, and you need to get along with everyone.

If Sonja was such good friends with Drescher’s ex-husband, Harry, then why didn’t they women ever meet?  Something’s amiss there, and I’m sure we’ll find out why as the season progresses.

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