Let’s Celebrate The 44th Anniversary Of ‘Sesame Street’ With Our Favorite Celebrity Appearances

Stewart & Sesame Street
'The Daily Show' hosts catches up with the gang.
Congratulations, Sesame Street!

The beloved children’s show celebrates its 44th anniversary today, and even had the day marked as “Sesame Street Day” in New York City four years ago. It’s also become the new barometer of fame in Hollywood: have you made an appearance on Sesame Street yet?

For these 24 celebrities, the answer is a resounding yes, and the results are so adorable/swoon-worthy you might be tempted to tune into PBS right now. 

For example, remember when Tom Hiddleston gave Cookie Monster a lesson in delayed gratification? (Cue a million inappropriate jokes about delayed gratification in the bedroom.) Or what about when Joseph Gordon-Levitt introduced the word “reinforce”? And lest we forget, Katy Perry paid an infamous visit that was scrapped because of the pop singer’s bare cleavage.

Launch the gallery to see your favorite celebrities alongside the Sesame Streetcrew, but be prepared to feel both nostalgic and strangely turned on.

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