Lesbians And Homosexuals

June 13th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Kristen Davis won’t say no to a lesbian affair, and Ashton Kutcher didn’t think that gays existed in Iowa.

Letterman asked if Kristin thought Cynthia was a lesbian or whether she was “just visiting”.

“I don’t personally know but I think she says that she doesn’t need a label. Doesn’t need one, isn’t concerned about it,” Kristin said.

Kristin also said she would “never say never” to the idea of having a lesbian relationship one day, despite being straight.

Who knew Charlotte was so open to those kind of things. Meanwhile Ashton Kutcher is amazed by the gays.

The ‘Punk’d’ star, admitted he had never been in contact with homosexuals in his native Iowa – so he didn’t realise many of his new friends were gay when he moved to New York.

He said: “When I left Iowa and went to New York for the first time it was so intense Just the energy and the non-stop physical energy that existed.

Meeting people who were gay that I couldn’t tell were gay. “When I’d found out that someone I’d become friends with was gay, I’d be like ‘Wow! I really didn’t know that I thought he was just a nice guy”.

So straight men beware, if your male friend is a nice guy, he may be gay.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ashton might want to think about doing a remake of Clueless. He’d be the perfect male version of it.

  2. KW

    What is up with the “sniff armpit” pose that guys seem to think is SO sexy?

  3. Brandon Klein

    I am a straight guy with tons of gay friends. I love them because they get tons of hot girls. Ashton is cool for not judging. If you scroll down the article it says that he does not want to make the seperation. I think a lot of girls kiss or try things together. I have kissed a few guys before and I don’t see the big deal. If you feel energy in the moment go for it. As long as everyone is happy.

  4. medea

    Brandon Klien I love the way you think? I think that DEMI is a hottie!

  5. st

    That picture’s from an SNL skit from this past weekend. It’s an ad for Federline underwear.

    “People think I stink…. But I don’t. Federline Yo…”

  6. bethany

    I’m calling total bullshit on Kutcher’s comments. I grew up in Des Moines, and I am telling you, there is a great gay community there. And if I recall, Kutcher grew up near Iowa City. Iowa City revolves around the University of Iowa. It’s like Madison, Wisconsin there… a small-town liberal haven.

    Trust me, he knew up from down and freaking shame on him for playing up the aww-shucks-humble-country-upbringing stereotype.


  7. A Boy and His Dog

    So he means to tell us that in his early younger years as a model wannabe, he didn’t realize that he was meeting any gay men? “Clueless” seems to mild a word to use here. Possibly “denial” fits better… or how about… just plain “Stupid” and or “Ignorant” would be better used to describe him.

  8. murphette

    Wow Demi, got yourself a real intelligent feller there.

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