Leo’s Rocky Romance

Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship with model Bar Rafaeli is one that he refuses to discuss publicly, but insiders reveal that the two seem to be hitting some shaky ground after almost twelve months together. From The Mirror:

He apparently had a big bust-up with his girlfriend – stunning model Bar Rafaeli – on the phone at central London club Aura on Sunday night.The hunky Blood Diamond actor, 32, was seen with head in hands and saying into his mobile: “I’ve had enough of this.”

Throughout the evening, Leo – in the UK for the film’s premiere – was in a bad mood and not up for partying. Instead, he spent his time at his table, texting furiously.

More details and photos of the happy couple after the jump.

LEO’S BAR BAWL [3am | The Mirror]


“His friends were having a good time but Leo just sat there looking really glum and texting all night,” our source confirms. “Then as they were leaving, Leo’s phone rang and he started having a heated conversation.”

I love the image of someone “texting furiously.” That is about the least satisfactory way to have a fight. Slamming a door is so much more cathartic than having to angrily press the “send” button on your cell.