Leo’s Mom Was All About Gisele

Leo’s Moms misses Bundchen hanging out. Cut us some slack, it’s a slow news day. Everyone has tryptophan poisoning anyway, so who’s gonna notice? All Headline News has the scoop.

If Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother were to have it her way, he would be back in his ex-girlfriend’s arms.

Leo’s mother is reportedly still hoping he will get back with his ex-girlfriend – supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

The “Titanic” star broke up with the Brazilian beauty a year ago and is now dating Israeli model Bar Refaeli, but his mom Irmelin is still very fond of Gisele. However, Gisele already has her eyes on another man and is currently dating surfer Kelly Slater.

Irmin attended Gisele’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Los Angeles this week and even spent some time with the model after the show.

A source told the New York Post, “Gisele is still the ideal daughter-in-law. Irmelin can’t let go. They hung out at the after party and later took their dog Jango for a walk together. Jango was Leo and Gisele’s dog when they were together and they now share custody of the pet like a child.”

This story’s a trifle. But I did catch the trailer for Blood Diamond last night, and I have the same reaction I always do when it comes to Leo. He’s rocking an Afrikaner-type accent, and I’m all ugh, he looks like he’s a handsome ten year old and I’m not buying it. Then I see the flick, and he’s pissing in jars or retarded up in a tree and inviting people to his party and I totally feel it. Whatever it is, Leo’s got it.

But his Moms needs to chill. Mothers should stay out of that shit unless there’s a ring on someone’s finger, and even then stay out of it. Take up Ceramics or something.

Written by J. Harvey

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