Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Likes Giving the Milk Away for Free

June 11th, 2007 // 6 Comments


We’ve been reporting here and there that Leonardo DiCaprio is engaged and planning on getting married to his girlfriend, Israeli supermodel, Bar Rafaeli, and that she might even have a bun in the oven. But as it turns out, Rafaeli recently told Italian Vanity Fair that she has no interest in marriage in general.

“The truth is, I don’t believe in marriage. A couple doesn’t need a contract,” she said.

I think that it’s awesome that she is so modern and doesn’t need a ring to feel committed to her guy. However, the last thing I need is for this concept to leak to my boyfriend, who could possibly use against me by indicating that my interest in marriage is a big red flag that I might not actually be a supermodel like I originally told him.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. fiona

    Good for her , since he is not the marrying type!!!

  2. Karra

    Wasn’t Bar already married? I know I remember reading that she got out of her mandatory 2-year military service in Israel because she was married (at 18). There was quite a bit of anger/question about her marriage being a sham.

    Is she still married? Is that why she won’t (or can’t) marry Leo?

  3. eseu

    Deep down, it seems she does not really LOVE Leo. Probably because she does not feel secured with him. She hasn’t being convinced yet that she could TOTALLY TRUST HIM.

  4. PFFFFT.

    Can anyone say, “Reverse psychology?” …

  5. funky

    wateva i bet she just wants to be all that so that people might think that Leo is crazy for her but you know wat he is so wasted on her….well i bet you i ma way better than her….


    hello, jack remember me rose? hu. it’s been 84 years the last time i saw you..you jump i jump right. so hope you enjoy your new life today and hope we can be together again i want you to be my husband..

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