Leonardo DiCaprio Still Draws The Ladies

Who knew, right?

The world premiere of Leonardo DiCaprio’s newest film Inception was tonight and the setting was Leicester Square in London, where a cadre of hysterical fans were waiting for hours.  Seriously, did anyone else know he had it like that?  I guess it’s time for me to crawl out of my dark cave.

Anyway, the buzz about Christopher Nolan’s new sci-fi thriller has been thick lo these last few months (Spike’s Guys’ Choice Awards even rewarded the film preemptively), and now the wait is over!

We are resplendent with pictures of the affair!  Leo obviously gave some fierce face.  Marion Cottilard, who plays Leo’s wife in the movie, is wearing a dress that I am living for, girl.  Ellen Page looks, I don’t know, scared?  Sick?  Trying to hold in a fart (don’t laugh; that can ruin a day)?  Either way, she should fire her stylist for stealing her hips.  Peaches Geldof randomly showed up wearing my homecoming dress from the seventh grade.  Cillian Murphy looks kind of pissed and there are some other jerks I’ve never seen before in my life, but what is really important here is that Michael Caine was there (Madness doesn’t write songs about just anybody).  Drink in the Caine!