Leonardo DiCaprio May Have Just Ruined The Surprise

When speaking about the Oscar nomination for his most recent film, “The Departed,” for best picture, Leonardo DiCaprio intimated that he would definitely be thrilled at a win for the film, but even more for a Best Director Oscar for its director, Martin Scorsese. From Reuters:

“It would be wonderful if this film was rewarded, I think it very much deserves it,” said DiCaprio, who stars in the crime thriller that won Scorsese a Golden Globe award for best director.

“And I certainly think the man to my left does. It’s quite long overdue, almost a practical joke at this point that that hasn’t happened,” he said, referring to Scorsese who was also attending a news conference ahead of the film’s opening in Japan this weekend.

Well, Leo, did you ever stop to think that maybe it was a joke and the Academy is now all, “Well, if we give the best director award to Scorsese now, we’re going to look like douchebags. We wanted to surprise him and have him sit on it at the awards after we planned on secretly leaving it on his seat.” And then another version of the Academy is all, “Well, dammit. Just give it to Helen Mirren then.” And the other is all, “But she didn’t direct ‘The Queen.'” And then the other says, “Yeah, but she was really good in it.” And the other one says, “Yeah, you’re right.”

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CORRECTED-DiCaprio says it’s a joke Scorsese has no Oscars [Reuters]