Leonardo DiCaprio Likes It In The Dark

Leonardo DiCaprio sat down with Canadian newspaper The Star to talk about his new sci-fi thriller Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan. Leo, who hasn’t done a comedy in….wait, has he ever?! Anyway, he admitted he does seem to have a thing for doing dark dramas rather than feel-good movies.

“I guess a lot of my films have been more serious in tone, but
that’s something that I don’t try to deny. I get to choose the movies
that I want to do,” he said. “A
lot of my friends are actors so I realize every day how lucky I am to
have this opportunity. So while I’m here? I’m going to try to do
exactly what I want.”

He also admitted the super-secretiveness surrounding Inception and its dealing with dream-states is pretty similar to the movie he, um, JUST DID Shutter Island

“These types of films that are psychologically sort of dark at times, I
find extremely exciting to do because there’s always something to think
about,” Leo said, pictured at the premiere of the film in Paris yesterday. “There’s nothing more boring than to show up on set and say a
line and know that your character means exactly what they say.”

I think we all understand Leo’s style now. Let’s hope Inception is actually as cool as it looks, and not only as cool as it’s trailer (looking at you, Shutter Island!)