Leonardo DiCaprio Is Not Some ‘piece of cute meat’

Oh, the tragedy of being objectified. Reportedly, Leonardo DiCaprio was ready to give up acting after the success of “Titanic” due to the fact that he was considered a hottie.

“It was pretty disheartening to be objectified like that. I wanted to stop acting for a little bit,” he said at the magazine’s Oscar panel discussion with other actors. “It changed my life in a lot of ways, but at the same time, I can’t say that it didn’t give me opportunities. It made me, for the first time, in control of my career.”

After many successful movies and critical acclaim, DiCaprio said he loves acting.

“There’s no other art form in the world that affects me more. There’s nothing that I walk away from feeling transformed by the way I do with cinema,” he said.

Welcome to the world of 95% of actresses out there Leo!

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