Leonardo DiCaprio Gives Syracuse a Thrill

May 31st, 2007 // 10 Comments

While Leonardo is filming “Revloutionary Road” (of which these photos are from), he did take some time out of his busy schedule to visit his girlfriend Bar Refaeli, who is filming a movie in Syracuse. While doing so, he gave a waitress at the local Johnny Rockets a little thrill. No one except for server Erika DeSocio recognized DiCaprio, and she gladly took his table.

“I am at Johnny Rockets waiting on my tables and I see this man come up to the counter with a black Boston (Red Sox) cap and sunglasses on, sweater with a collared striped shirt under it, shorts and men’s sandals on.

“I noticed and recognized him right away and no one else did to my surprise. . .so I said, ‘Hi are you all ready to order?’

“He said, ‘Yeah. I’ll have a strawberry shake, a chicken club and an order of American fries. . .wait, make that a diet instead of the shake.’

“I said, ‘OK, no problem.’

The story continues, along with the camera phone photo that Erika DeSocio took of Leo and herself, after the jump.

“I got him all his food, made him laugh once cause the club that he got was ending up everywhere. . .it was getting so messy and falling all over that I said, ‘You want me to get you a knife and fork?’

“He laughed and nodded no. Very polite man, friendly, nicely dressed.

“He asked for his check and I said, ‘It’s all set. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing in Syracuse?’ That is when he realized I knew who he was.

“He said, ‘Oh, I’m visiting a friend that’s shooting a movie here.’ ”

(Bar Refa’eli, an Israeli model and actress widely reported to be DiCaprio’s girlfriend, is the leading actress in “Session,” a movie Israeli director Haim Bouzaglo is filming in Syracuse until Monday. )

“He goes, ‘What did you mean when you said it’s all set?’

“I said, ‘I took care of your check.’

“He goes, ‘No no no! Let me pay for it.’

“I said, ‘No, really, it’s my pleasure. It’s not very often I get to wait on a celebrity, so it’s definitely my pleasure.’

“He smiled. I mean, the bill was only $9 so I really didn’t mind.

“He said, ‘ Well this is for you’ and gave me a $20 bill.”

DeSocio asked DiCaprio one favor: Could she take a photo of him with her?

Out came her cell phone. They posed together. Click.

Then DiCaprio left. Just another anonymous guy walking through Syracuse’s busiest marketplace.

By Jessica Marx

  1. Lacey

    Leonardo sure cleans up nice. Thanks for the pics!

  2. Joley

    Aww, thats a great story ! He sounds like a good guy.

  3. Gretchen Weiners

    What kind of budget movie has to film in Syracuse??

  4. Illegal Alien

    What are American fries? Are they different from regular fries? Cause I thought regular fries *were* American.

  5. FreakyZ

    Good thing he changed from a shake to a diet drink. He looks like he’s had about 1 or 20 shakes too many already.

  6. Shazza

    He sounds really sweet.
    I really like him…other than that whole Titanic debacle. What is wrong with people? That movie really REALLY sucked.

  7. He seems like a nice guy. I probably would have done the same as this waitress: I mean, there are so many people who would have gone batshit crazy upon seeing a “ceeeeeeeeeeeeeleeeeeebrityyy”!

    I mean, I work as a Disney Cast Member, and while it’s not directly related to my task, so far I’ve seen three (I’m in France). If I could have, I would just have gone to them, said hi, MAYBE I would have asked for a picture, and that’s it.

    Lucky girl, I say. She dealt with the situation perfectly :D .

  8. Thank you Akarui! What a nice thing to say…I couldnt believe when this small local thing was on not only a socialite’s life but perez hilton mentioned it on his blog, not my name though, the people on this site were nice enough to print the whole story that I wrote. Its been really good publicity because Ive not only gotten on local tv and radio but I got to talk about my singing a couple times which was great :0) cause thats what I wish I was getting all the attention for but this was a blessing because anything helps. Just wanted to say thanks for the kind message…its nice to hear there are some nice people left :0) take care! <3 Erika

  9. manon

    he was not in Syracuse for visiting Bar

    • Andrea

      Your right manon he was not I met Leonardo dicaprio in 2007 in Utica new York I never seen this story I was 30 at the time when I met him I am 38 now I don’t no why this article says he was visiting bar he was with Gisele bundchen I met her also she was very nice and so was he leonardo is a great actor and my favorite actor that comment about him meeting bar is a lie

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