Leonardo DiCaprio Finds It Ain’t Easy Being Green

At the Cannes film festival, Leonardo DiCaprio attended a screening of his latest film, “The 11th Hour,” a documentary about the environment, which predicts a gloomy fate for the planet if pollution goes unchecked. DiCaprio was quizzed by reporters, who implied that the actor’s “green” ideals are at odds with his celebrity lifestyle.

Asked whether he had taken a fuel-guzzling flight on his way to the French Riviera, the Hollywood heartthrob was sarcastic. “No, I took a train across the Atlantic,” he said, adding: “We’re all trying the best we can, truly, we really are.”

Whatever, the dude drives a Prius and seems to genuinely want to raise awareness about the environment by pretty consistently putting his money where his mouth is. I’m sure it’s not possible to be all green all the time, so at least he’s making a valiant effort. Plus, he’s dated a Victoria’s Secret angel. If I had, that’s how I would end all arguments–by bringing that up.


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