Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaili On Again In Public

Clap on, clap off Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaili are at it again (in retrospect, actually, hopefully not clap on). The two were recently spotted in Mexico on a secret getaway and now they have taken things public at an LA Lakers game yesterday. The Jersey Shore fan and fame adviser munched on some sort of circus size snack and donned an LA Lakers hat, while the Isreali model did not going near the food and decided being pro America in a patriotic tee was far enough.

Leo is like model fly paper and every time he breaks if off or they get tired of his non-marrying ways, they end up coming back for more.  After thee or four years together it’s hard to imagine that this time will be different and as soon as Gisele Bundchen moved on she seemed to find what she needed in Tom Brady. Then again, maybe what Bar wants is some exposure.