Leonardo DiCaprio Bores Hong Kong

Leonardo DiCaprio made an appearance in Hong Kong to discuss his advocacy of environmental issues and to plug a new credit card. Honk Kong bank HSBC and Leo’s foundation have joined forces to produce a “green credit card” which is made of environmentally safe materials. The card also uses only digital billing, eliminating the need for paper, and every transaction contributes to a local environmental construction project.

Leo also attended a premiere of his documentary, “The 11th Hour”. He produced and narrated the project.

Leo told the assembled crowd that he lives in a solar house and drives only environmentally friendly automobiles. This is all fantastic and I love trees but the brother’s speaking engagements need work. He’s a mesmerizing actor when he wants to be but this must be because his personality is empty and just waiting to be filled with a new one with each project.

I’ve had more interesting hangnails. I could have been doing my taxes as opposed to being lulled into a coma while watching the accompanying video. Seriously. Twirl fire batons or toss out environmentally friendly light bulbs. Do something!

More photos of Leonardo DiCaprio, plus video, in Hong Kong are after the jump.

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Photos: AP Images