Leonardo DiCaprio Visits ‘Good Morning America’, Talks Fashion, Marriage And ‘The Great Gatsby’

'The Great Gatsby' Trailer
The official trailer of the film.
Leonardo DiCaprio is a busy busy guy – like always! The actor visited Good Morning America yesterday to promote his new highly anticipated film, The Great Gatsby.

Not only did the 38-year-old work with his BFF Tobey Maguire on the film, but he was also reunited with director Baz Luhrmann, who Leo worked with 17 years ago on Romeo + Juliette! Who knew back then that Leo would be the most desired actor to work with these days AND the highest paid!

During a recent interview, Leo opened up about the role of Jay Gatsby, marriage, and fashion!


“Sure, yeah. You know, the truth is, it is a very risky undertaking. Everyone has got their version of The Great Gatsby, when people go into the theater. I can’t tell you how many people come up to me and have said this is their favorite book of all time. So, they are going to want to see you dramatize things that they have got stuck in their head. But, the partnership of having Tobey involved — and Baz — both people who I have known for over 20 years, as trusted sort of collaborators, [helped]. But yeah, there was a tremendous amount of hesitation initially, but it was really that partnership and that trust [that convinced me to do it].”


“I take it as it comes. We’ll see what happens in the future. I don’t try to determine what the future will be. I take it day-by-day.”


“I think I have very little fashion sense in my own life. To tell you the truth, I give it very little thought to it, if I am being very honest — and I am. I have never been a fashionista or someone who puts a lot of thought into what I wear, and I dress to be as comfortable as I possibly can. And of course, when I have to do premieres and be out in public, I want to dress appropriately.”

The Great Gatsby opens up in theatres this weekend! Will you go watch? Share your thoughts in comments!