Leonardo DiCaprio Tours Versailles With Model Toni Garrn

Leo Gets His Kiss On
Oh, the life of Leonardo DiCaprio!
Leonardo DiCaprio and his new girlfriend Victorias Secret model, Toni Garrn, were photographed enjoying the sights at the Palace of Versailles today (June 07, 2013) in Versailles, France. Leo’s longtime pal Lukas Haas was along for the ride as well.

“It was like a first date,” an eyewitness told People Magazine. “You do a touristy thing. You go out with a girl and your friend … and she was clearly taking pictures of her new boyfriend.”

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Outside in the gardens, DiCaprio posed on the esplanade as Garrn took a few more shots from several steps below. After a leisurely stroll, DiCaprio and Garrn departed around 9 p.m., returning to Paris. 

The German Victoria’s Secret model certainly wore a pair of tiny denim cut-offs, with a skintight white top tucked into the waistband. She accessorized with tan ankle boots and an oversized sweater over her shoulders.

How long are you giving this one. I’m guessing a few months at most. The girl is only 20-years-old. She can’t legally drink in the U.S. yet. Good luck to them both.

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