Leonardo DiCaprio Talks ‘J. Edgar’s’ Supposed Homosexuality

Leonardo DiCaprio is the star behind bringing J. Edgar Hoover to life on big screen!  In an expansive biopic about the first FBI director, who has had a great impact 20th century American history, it seems that all everyone is talking about is whether or not J. Edgar was gay.

The film addresses the rumor that Hoover developed a homosexual relationship with his assistant, Clyde Tolson, played in the movie by Armie Hammer.

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DiCaprio told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column:

I don’t have the answer to that, and I don’t think anyone alive really does. The FBI believes they carried out a very professional relationship and were inseparable pals. But other groups of people say they went on every single vacation together, ate every meal together, were together for 50 years, lived together, and they never had a family or girlfriend, so you put it all together in your mind. I don’t know the absolute truth. This (film) is our take on it.

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Besides Hoover’s sexuality, the Oscar-nominated actor spoke about playing the controversial figure and said that he did not necessarily need to sympathize with him in order to be able to play him. He said:

Some of the best characters that I’ve gotten to play are those where you don’t really understand or empathize with their intentions. Maybe you try to get a grasp of what drove them, what motivated them, and I feel like I did with J. Edgar Hoover.

The film hits theatres tomorrow, but make sure to launch the gallery to check out photos of Leo’s appearance at Good Morning America!