Leonardo DiCaprio & New Best Friend Jonah Hill Look Good At ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Premiere

Leo Sun Worships
Leonardo DiCaprio takes in the sunshine.
At least I like to pretend that Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are best friends. I mean, they do hang out on yachts with bikini-clad ladies together.

Too bad there weren’t any ladies joining them on the red carpet last night for the premiere of The Wolf Of Wall Street in New York. Leo looked uncharacteristically happy last night. Maybe it’s just cause I’ve gotten used to seeing this from him more often than not.

And Jonah just looked happy to be there. And happy that Leo wasn’t beating him up. 

Apparently there’s a lot of that in the movie–Leo beating Jonah up. Like, I know it’s wrong, but I bet you Leo sorta enjoyed it. I hope he enjoyed all his sexy bits in the movie. As he told reportersearlier this week, there was no body double, “All the flopping around — it was all me.” Just what I like to hear.

I’m excited to finally see this movie. Although why Joanna Lumley wasn’t at the premiere upsets me. Clearly she had the most important role in the flick.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet to see all your favorite stars. My future husband Orlando Bloom was there, Camila Alves looked good in red while Matthew McConaughey looked sexy in grey and I want to be best friends with Martin Scorsese. Excited about The Wolf Of Wall Street? Sound off in the comments!