Leonardo DiCaprio Looks Super Duper Excited About The Next Stage In His Relationship

May 1st, 2014 // 1 Comment

No no Leonardo DiCaprio, please, stop smiling so much. You’re blinding me with your joy!

Oh wait, you’re not actually smiling? You’re just kind of doing the Leo face? Good. I got worried there for a second. Gotta save the actual smiles for the red carpet, am I right?

The Oscar-nominated actor tried to keep a low profile this week as he grabbed lunch with friends at Mauro’s Cafe at Fred Segal in Los Angeles. So, what does Leonardo DiCaprio eat? 

Apparently he and the boys enjoyed some mixed veggies, almond salad, tomato carpaccio, tuna sandwich, Pellegrino and Arnold Palmers. I had no idea how hungry I was until I read all that.

Now, you’d think that Leo would be more excited since he and Miss Toni Garrn have officially moved in together. At least that’s what the reports are suggesting. He couldn’t let Clooney get all the good relationship publicity, now could he?

Well Leo, maybe we’ll see you smiling soon. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the actor being chill. Think the rumors about him and Toni are real? Sound off in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. lisa runnels

    well,i really thought, they were living together ,since around, the beginning ,of feb.2014—so,i really don’t get, he sudden news—-I personally think toni ,gets out of control sometimes, and some times, she photographs really bad, and some times, I think she is a witch ,and ,another fan,suggested ,back in the, first photos of her, in may 2013,that she looked, like a demon,i thought,well…but,i would have to agree ,at this point—–she likes to, send, sexual messages, with her all her photos,bo Derek in dec.2013, she wore a slip to the oscars,the dominetrex, top less photos,flat chest,6 naked guys,was a curse, set, on leo—-he needs, to cut this one, loose——-but,erin,he bought her a bike and she moved in,and next she was buying her own condo—-you don’t really know some one,till you live with them, 24/7, for a least 2 months,i call it the honeymoon phase—-I would always kick them to the curb, after the 24/7 h/m, test drive—and, the sleep test—if they can’t pass, the sleep test,don’t marry them, or make kids…the sleep test, is when you wake up pissed off ,for no apparent reason,it’s probably the person your living with ,hacks you off,kick them to the curb,quick !–you see,toni’s playing her hand,she’s testing leo,and, she thinks she’ll play on ,all his, so called, sex hang ups ,as her ace, in the hole—-she may, dominate for a moment,but leo,can be brutal, when he wants to,ask his x’s—-lol——and ,they had 100 x more, going on, than ole toni boloni—-she’s setting curses ,to get leo to marry her—real, witch craft—she is ,a he/she—–saw her, with one of her lovers, that as blasted into the ozone ,on some drugs—-toni,also looks, like she has a part time, drug problem—-she’s too tall,any way——leo should call bar, for a date, if he’s that desperate—seriously——bar has her bs,but, is 100 notches, past toni…

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