Leonardo DiCaprio Looks 90s Chic On The Set Of ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ [PHOTOS]

Leonardo DiCaprio, where have you been hiding recently?

The ridiculously talented actor was spotted on the set of his newest movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, looking like the perfect 90s business man.

The movie, directed by Martin Scorsese tells the story of a Wall Street stockbroker who refuses to participate in a securities fraud case. Scorses? DiCaprio? Large quantities of money? Sounds like quite the party. 

Leo has been keeping a pretty low profile recently, especially when it comes to his lady Erin Heatherton. It’s like you spot them taking a romantic bike ride once, and you never hear from them again.

But it’s OK because look at Leo’s suit! I think he should wear this look everyday. Such style! Such talent! Such love I still have for him from 1997 when he was Jack Dawson! Check out the photos of Leo from set in the gallery. You’ll appreciate his suit and dark brown hair, trust me.