Leonardo DiCaprio Keeps His Head Down While Biking, Clearly Wants An Accident

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Listen, Leonardo DiCaprio. I know that you don’t want the paparazzi to get a good picture of you, but that just looks dangerous.

You’ve got two choices here. Either you can let them take a picture, or you run the risk of a bike accident, which I can tell you from experience is no fun at all.

Leonardo was trying to keep a low profile in New York City yesterday (June 20) as he biked around Manhattan with Emily Daniels, the wife of his best friend, Alex Mace. Hey Leo, where’s your girlfriend? 

You and Toni Garrn seemed rather cozy in Versailles right after Cannes, so how come she hasn’t joined you in NYC? Or maybe she has and you’re all blushing and that’s why you’re keeping your head down.

So many questions. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Leo and his low profile in NYC. Think he should be wearing a helmet and looking up like I do? Let us know in the comments down below!