Leonardo DiCaprio Is Fully Clothed In Miami

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Leonardo DiCaprio: Then and now.
Oh how I would love to be famous so that I could travel anywhere I want. First I would go to New York, then Miami, then Atlanta…but I’m not famous, so no one cares. Someone who is famous, that all of you care about…Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leo is spotted on his balcony of his South Beach hotel room checking out the view with some friends, and sorry ladies, he is fully clothed! He’s in Miami to check out some art during Art Basel 2013.

Other celebs attending are Kanye West, Bill Powers, Aby Rosen and the list goes on. It may sound like fun when the words celebrities and art are in the same sentence but attendees feel otherwise, “So much of the Basel fatigue is that a lot of the events are not that fun,” said Manish Vora, who, along with Kyle DeWoody, is a founder of Grey Area, the art collective and online retailer. “Every conversation is about what parties you’re going to. It’s not about the actual party. No one goes and says, like, ‘Oh, I had the craziest time.’ ”

But back to who this story is about, Leo D. The slow aging, timeless Leo D. (good genes? or expensive hollywood anti-aging cream?) Whatever it is, he still looks good for his age.

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio bring sex, drugs and money to the Oscar race with Wolf of Wall Street. The 3-hour film has not hit theaters yet, as it is still in the screening phase. Sorry ladies…so close, so close.

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