Leonardo DiCaprio Is The Highest Paid Actor In Hollywood

Not that Leonardo DiCaprio needs anymore affirmation in his life that he is the shit, but just in case he does, Forbes has some good news for him. The magazine just released this years list of highest paid actors in Hollywood and wouldn’t you know, Mr. DiCaprio is right at the tippy top.

According to Forbes, the actor who was fifth on the list last year, can thank Inception and Shutter Island for his bump up this year. Forbes estimates that between May of 2010 and May of 2011, Leo made $77 million. Yup, you read that correctly. $77 million. I want $77 million! How about Leo gives me like a .05% of that? That’s gotta still be a nice little chunk. Leo unseated last year’s top paid actor, Johnny Depp, who fell to second place with only $50 million. Isn’t it sad? Only $50 million.

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Leo seems to be really on top of the world right now. He’s still dating Blake Livelythose break-up rumors were just that–and they seem happy together. Sure, I don’t really understand them together because I think Blake looks like a Muppet, but you know, whatever works for them.

Leo is also rumored to be joining the cast of The Creed of Violence, a 1910 drama centered on a Mexican revolutionary. I’m thinking it could be fun. He seemed to be having a fun time in SoHo with his friend Lukas Haas. I guess Leo needed to start spending his millions at the t-shirt stands!