Leonardo DiCaprio Hangs With His Mom In Miami, Reportedly Has Bad Hygiene [PHOTOS]

Erin Heatherton's Hot Bod
Leo's Latest Girlfriend Has Quite A Stunning Portfolio
A bearded Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted at the beach in Miami, Florida yesterday (March 19th) alongside his mother, Irmelin. The two relaxed at the poolside lounge of their Miami Beach hotel with some friends. DiCaprio kept a stern face as he and the group enjoyed some tropical cocktails, chips and guacamole. Before the food arrived however, Leo was seen taking a few puffs from his electronic cigarette. Maybe Leo has taken his love for the environment to a whole new level by preventing second hand smoke. 

Rumors have been circulating that Leo even avoids taking showers in order to prevent using excess water and poisoning the river systems with soap. Apparently, his new girlfriend Erin Heatherton is in a hissy over his lack of hygiene and his lack of deodorant. Do you believe that Leo needs a good washing? Is he that devoted to the environment? Tell us what you think.