Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Shirtless Again St. Tropez, Doesn’t Do Karate Kicks, Does Hang Out With Toni Garrn

Leo Parties in Cannes
With Bieber & a model who isn't Toni Garrn
Another day, another round of Leonardo DiCaprio on a yacht.

I mean, it’s summer and he can fly in as many models as he wants, of course this is what he’s going to be doing. Unlike the last few times we saw him, Leo was joined by girlfriend Toni Garrn today in St. Tropez. They swam, she looked bored, I remembered she’s 22, I got sad–the usual.

I don’t so much mind their 17-year-age difference, but isn’t Leo tired of 20-year-olds? 

It’s probably only a matter of time before he hits up Selena Gomez. Then he and Justin Bieber will officially be the same person. Also, there was no karate kicking today, which was so not cool. Imagine him shirtless karate kicking. Although maybe he should wait until after he shoots his new movie, that way he can go back to looking like this.

Because even in a suit on a night when he’s having a fancy gala and is supposed to look stylish, he just kinda looked weird. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from his boat trip. How are you guys feeling about Leo these days? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.