Leonardo DiCaprio Goes For A Scruffy Look On The Red Carpet, We Don’t Really Like It Much

Leo Lifts Off
Leonardo DiCaprio has some fun on the water.
I…I can’t be the only one who is completely turned off by these photos of Leonardo DiCaprio, right?

I mean, this look is good when you’re kung-fu fighting on a yacht, but not when you’re on the red carpet at the 7th Annual Oceana’s SeaChange Summer Party. The suit is fine, the sneakers are awful and I would be okay with the long hair/beard if it was one or the other.

Those are just my opinions at least. 

Do you think if Leo did shave, cut his hair and put on a tuxedo he would be the Leonardo of old again? Or is he too far gone, à la Johnny Depp? I bet it’s all that partying he does. Leo, you’re going to be 40. You can no longer pretend that you and Justin Bieber should be partying in the same circles.

Again, I could totally be alone in this, but I think I need a break from the DiCaprio. Launch the gallery to check out his look from the event this weekend and tell me if you need a break too. You can sound off in the comments below.