Leonardo DiCaprio Caught In A Frenzy Of Eager Fans After Leaving ‘The Wolf On Wall Street’ Set [PHOTOS]

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OMG it’s Leonardo DiCaprio! Apparently, that’s what was racing through his fans’ minds as they bombarded him hoping to get a sneak peek of the Titanic star. This Los Angeles native is en route to the release of his newest movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, an upcoming film based on the dilemmas faced by real-life New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

Leaving the set solo of his co-stars Matthew McConaugheyJon FavreauJean Dujardin and Gene Hackman, and sporting his all blue ensemble didn’t seem to camouflage DiCaprio. He attempted to work his way through the crowd with his bodyguard at side, who Daily Mail claims was even unable to shield DiCaprio from the madness.

DiCaprio didn’t look too thrilled with the storm of autograph-begging, but that didn’t stop the paparazzi-like fans! I mean, who wouldn’t throw their camera in front of Leo’s face to snap a quick pic? I sure would!!