Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton Escape to Mexico

DiCaprio Discusses J. Edgar
Possible J. Edgar homosexuality?
St. Barth’s is so December! The new celebrity getaway is… Mexico!

At least Leonardo DiCaprio and new girlfriend, Erin Heatherton think so. They believe it so much that they packed an SUV full of designer trunks for the bell boy to struggle with while they began their vacation in sunny Mexico!

Judging by the amount of luggage, one of three reasons are plausible about their little getaway:

1. The luggage is full of sexy little things courtesy of Victoria’s Secret. Heatherton is a four time Victoria’s Secret Angel and has graced the fashion show’s pink carpet since 2009.

2. DiCaprio fell in love with The Great Gatsby’s and packed his wardrobe. Highly unlikely in the Mexican heat, but no one can argue how handsome he looks in those tuxes.

3. DiCaprio’s resting up for the Oscars. And escaping to Mexico to get over being snubbed by the Academy for his title role in J. Edgar, a possibility conjured up by The Daily Mail.