Leona Lewis Has Really Bad Luck, But Takes It Like A Champ

Just call our X-Factor favorite Leona Lewis ‘unlucky’ when it comes to random injuries. Last fall she was actually punched in the face by some dude in London and was a total bad ass about it. More recently she was head butted pretty badly by one of her own prized horses, which didn’t stop her from getting a horse related tattoo and helping PETA out.

But she really has her unlucky stars to thank after surviving a bad fall down an elevator shaft during a concert in Sheffield, northern England. Although she took a tumble down a dark hole when an elevator became stuck, she shrugged it off and just went on with the show.

Photographed here at Rock in Rio Lisboa while visiting Lisbon, Portugal on May 22nd, Lewis said, “We have been having problems with the lift. It had been going fine in rehearsals and then I had a bit of an accident and fell down the lift shaft. It was quite scary.”

“I was lucky not to get injured. Fortunately it happened during a blackout on set and didn’t affect the show and none of the audience saw anything. I got a shock and had to be rescued.”

Let’s hope for Leona that this possible bad karma streak ends soon. Otherwise she’ll be forced to start singing about actual bleeding rather than just ‘Bleeding Love’.