Leona Lewis Will Sing To Nelson Mandela

It’s being reported that vegetarian singer Leona Lewis has plans on launching her own clothing line. But the British singer isn’t just looking to spangle some jeans, or design a few slutty tops–she’s actually got a message to promote. The X-Factor winner wants to start a vegan fashion collection.

A source revealed to Hello magazine that the “Bleeding Love” songstress has been a vegetarian since age 12 and has opted not to wear diamonds because of the humanitarian concerns she has about how the sparklers are obtained. The insider said, “It was for this reason that she is determined to set up her own ethical fashion range and sell the goods at high street prices.”

Meanwhile, she’s also preparing to perform for Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday concert. Of all the venues she’s performed, this will be the biggest of her career and comes at the end of her concert tour for her debut album Spirit. Also slated to take the stage are the Spice Girls, Eminem, Amy Winehouse and others. Ooh, I think I know what Amy should wear

Photos: Getty Images

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