Leo DiCaprio Still Whining About The Titanic

September 26th, 2006 // 2 Comments

All the attention Leo DiCaprio garnered from the movie that shot him into superstardom was more of a curse than a blessing, as he tells it. According to Contact Music:

He says,

“I was walking through the airport in Paris and I remember looking down to see a girl holding on to my leg. “I said, ‘Whatever illusions of grandeur you have about me they’re not true. I will sit here and talk to you. I will look you in the eye and speak and it’s fine. You don’t need to dig your nails into my leg. It doesn’t need to be this.’ “It was that whole Titanic phenomenon, something that was so foreign to me.”

Oh please. You got to date a Victoria’s Secret model because of it, for Christ’s sake. Stop complaining already.


Written by Lisa Timmons

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. really?

    Maybe the fan was re enacting the scene at the end of the movie, the one where Leo is clinging to a piece of wood in the freezing Atlantic before croaking it. His leg may have been symbolic of that bit of wood……

  2. ali

    He was telling a story of a strange experience that occured because titanic was a phenomenon, which it was, and that he didn’t fully comprehend it, which is true and understandable. How is that whining? What stupid dumbass writes this stuff. Shut up

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